Hormones play a vital role in every aspect of our health. From our metabolism and energy to our immune system and inflammation, hormones provide the needed signals and information to keep everything working properly. The standard American lifestyle (high stress, little sleep, little activity and poor diet) is the perfect scenario to disrupt these. Dr. May works provides a functional medicine approach that addresses these foundational aspects. He uses comprehensive hormone testing and nutrient analysis to assess where the imbalance and deficiency is. Then he addresses the imbalances with lifestyle changes, nutrient support and (if needed) hormone replacement (provided in conjunction with Dr. George Rice, MD).

Testing costs (cash price), insurance billing is available as well:

  • Comprehensive thyroid panel (blood) $150 (add antibodies for $100)
  • Women’s Comprehensive Hormone Panel (blood) $300
  • Women’s Comprehensive Hormone Panel (urine) $250
  • Men’s Comprehensive Hormone Panel (blood) $250
  • Basic Adrenal Hormone Panel (blood) $75


We use a comprehensive, multi-provider approach to pain management. The goal is to improve mobility and function first through myofascial release techniques, spinal manipulation, massage and anti-inflammatory strategies. Then, we restore and improve strength through corrective exercise, as well as implement preventative measures to reduce recurring injury and pain.

  • Dr. May:
    • Initial Consult = $250
    • Follow-up visits = $175
  • Dr. Burgess (Chiropractic):
    • Initial Consult = $150
    • Follow-up visits = $70
  • Regina Letonek (Massage Therapy):
    • 1 hour = $120
    • 30 minutes = $75
  • Jeff Hull (Health Coach/Kinesiotherapist)
    • Initial Consult = $120
    • Follow-up visits = $75
  • All-Inclusive Membership (includes one visit per month with each of the above providers) = $300 per month x 3 months


There is a lot of bad and even harmful information out there about how to lose weight. Dr. May gains from his 12 years as a personal trainer and extensive education in nutrition to provide you with safe and effective methods to lose weight that includes genetic and metabolic testing.

If you’re looking for a lose weight quick plan, Dr. May is not your man. He guides you through an intense first 8 weeks and then provides support for several weeks to months, while educating you the entire time on how to keep the weight off. This is a lifestyle change, not a “fad diet”. Dr. May’s patients lose weight and they keep it off.


Tired of the same ole treatment for your hypothyroid? Has it stopped working? Is your doctor “chasing” your lab numbers and constantly adjusting your medication?

Dr. May has a different approach to hypothyroidism, which includes nutrition, epigenetics, herbal therapies, and adrenal support. He looks at the whole picture, not just your thyroid. Plus, he spends whatever time is needed to make sure your questions are answered and that you understand exactly what is going on with your body and how to treat it.


It’s estimated that by 2020, 52% of American adults will have either diabetes or prediabetes! If you have pre-diabetes or have a family history, be proactive and do something before medication becomes a necessity.

Dr. May specializes in an aggressive, proactive approach to treating blood sugar dysregulation with evidencebased nutrition, exercise counseling, behavioral modification, and herbal therapies.


Food allergies and sensitivities can play a factor in many conditions and syndromes such as ADHD, rashes, ear infections, sinus infection, and multiple digestive symptoms (IBS, gas/bloating, constipation/diarrhea, etc.). It may also be a factor in difficulty losing weight.

Elimination diets work but they take a long to figure out. Testing is available to help you figure that out much quicker. Dr. May will then help you navigate through how to rotate and/or eliminate certain foods for particular time periods.