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The wait is over! 

My new office is now open!  Thanks for being incredibly patient over the past few months.  Renovation of the new space took longer than expected.  Click HERE to schedule and setup your patient account.

1261 Airport Way, Suite 110 (in the AlaskaUSA Credit Union, entry is on the right side of the building) in Fairbanks.

I will be sharing this beautiful space with Dr. George Rice, MD.  Dr. Rice and I share a love for functional medicine and we’re excited to be working side-by-side to offer integrative, functional medicine membership programs.  It’s all about optimizing your health and helping you live your best life. You can check out more about Dr. Rice HERE.

I will continue, for now, taking insurance and doing what I normally do (pain management including spinal manipulation/fascial work/corrective exercises, hypothyroid, diabetes, epigenetics, athletic performance/injury prevention, nutrition counseling, etc.).  In addition, I will be offering memberships programs for those who do not have insurance or wish to augment their high deductible and/or co-pay plan.  If you have a chronic condition (pain, diabetes, hypothyroid, etc.) that requires frequent medical attention or treatment, this may be a more cost-affordable option.  If you decide to participate in a membership program, you can schedule same week appointments and come in as often as you need for the length of your membership.  Click on the membership length below to sign up.

TypeLengthMonthly RateOne-Time Setup Fee
Single1 year$100$50
6 months$125$50
3 months$150$50
Couple1 year$150$100
6 months$200$100
3 months$250$100
Family1 year$200$100
6 months$250$100
3 months$300$100
Weight Loss
Single1 year$200$100
Couple1 year$300$100
In an age when you never now how much you’re going to pay for a medical visit, I’m trying hard to be as transparent about costs as possible.  If you have insurance**, initial visits can run around $250 and follow-up visits around $150.  I do offer a cash discount if you pay in full at time of service, and this can run around $200 for an initial visit and $100 for follow-up visits.  I’m also working hard to offer the lowest costing labs in town.

**These are approximate costs and can vary.  It’s difficult to determine exact costs until an office visit is completed.

We’re bringing “Functional Medicine” to Fairbanks!

Not sure what Functional Medicine is?  Check out this video:

Dr. May is a naturopathic doctor who practices integrative family medicine in Fairbanks, Alaska. He specializes in non-pharmaceutical pain management techniques, hypothyroidism, diabetes, weight loss, food allergies/sensitivities, and epigenetics.

Dr. May graduated medical school from the esteemed Bastyr University and interned with the “father of aerobics” Dr. Kenneth Cooper, MD at the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research and Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas.

He is also a newly certified powerlifting coach (by USA Powerlifting Association)

Testimonials and Reviews

“Chronic disease is a food-borne illness. We ate our way into it, and we need to eat our way out if it.” —Mark Hyman, MD


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